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    Diploma in Yoga

    First Yoga College in Rishikesh which provides M.A. Yoga & PG Diploma in Rishikesh.

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    M.A. in Yoga

    Is being offered for the first time in Rishikesh at AYM Yoga College.

  • Yoga college in rishikesh

    Yoga College in Rishikesh

    Yoga College, Committed to revive ancient Indian Culture..

AYM Yoga College in Upper Tapovan, Rishikesh, India

AYM Yoga College was established on 21 June 2016 to spread the quality of higher yoga education in India. We are honored to inform everyone that AYM Yoga institutions has started AYM Yoga College (Yoga Mahavidhyalaya) in Rishikesh, India. The specialty of this college will be quality of teaching, research-oriented educational classes, participation of students in research projects, latest and up to date yoga and meditational practices, debates on yoga and meditational topics, guest lectures by known personalities from the field of yoga and meditation, job placements on national and international level.

Courses offered by AYM Yoga College

Master of Science in Yoga (MSc. Yoga)/Master of Yoga (M.A. Yoga) Objectives

Eligibility for M.Sc./M.A.-Yoga/PG-Dimploma

Bachelor’s Degree from any university in any subject.

How to Apply - Yoga College

You can buy the prospectus for MA, MSc. And PG Diploma from AYM Yoga College office and submit it on given date along with admission fee. Admission will be based as per Uttarakhand Sanskrit University norms.

M.A./M.Sc. in Yoga Syllabus Overview

The M.A. in Yoga is divided into 4 semesters and its syllabus is divided into 4 parts according to the semester. These have been described below :

Semester I

Meaning and definition of yoga, history, origin and development of yoga, importance of yoga in modern world, details of yoga in various religious books such as Vedas, Upanishads, Gita and Vedanta, different types of yoga, history of renown yoga teachers and their role in yoga’s development, introduction to yoga books such as Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradapika, Gherund Samhita, etc.

Semester II

Introduction, value and importance of Gita, Role of Gita in modern lifestyle, the form of soul, Karma and knowledge of chakras, forms of religion, traditions of Karma yoga, importance of Yagna and fire and their values, form of god according to Gita, bhakti yoga, gyaan yoga.

Semester III

Definition and practice of Hatha yoga, meditation, types of meditation and its practices, description of asanas and their practice according to Hatha Yoga Pradapika and its advantages, definition, types and process of Pranayama, importance of prana, Bandhas and Mudras in yoga, knowledge and arousal of Kundalini power and precaution and advantages of doing yoga.

Semester IV

Cell, tissue composition of the action, the composition of the bone folding mechanism, action and effect of yoga on them, RBC, WBC, platelets count, plasma, hemoglobin, anti-bodies, Blood shift mechanism structure, the composition of the heart action, breathing apparatus, breathing techniques, Excretory system, composition, effects of yoga, Endocrine glands, composition, nervous system, etc.

Overview of Examinations

Exams will be held at the end of each semester. There will be only 1 paper but it will be divided into 3 parts. There will be 4 questions each in part 1 & 2 out of which only 2 will have to be answered. The 3rd part will have 5 questions, all of which will have to be answered.

There will also be 2 practical exams which will be mandatory for all students. Each practical will be of 100 marks. There will be various asanas which will have to be demonstrated (70 marks). Then there will be demonstration of different types of Pranayama in Practical 1. Practical 2 will include demonstration of Netis, mudras, bandhas and meditation techniques.

Overview of PG Diploma Course

The PG Diploma Course will be divided into 2 semesters. 6 question papers will have to be answered in every semester to get the Diploma degree.

Paper I

The definition of yoga, meaning, origin, history, use of yoga in our life, various forms of yoga mentioned in religious textbooks, yoga methods, general overview of yoga literature, introduction to yogis and their contribution to yoga.

Paper II

Introduction & importance of Gita, nature of yoga and its symptoms, nature and characteristics of karam yogi, nature of god, attaining moksha, introduction and importance of Sankhyakarika, the process of creation, knowledge of truth, 8 religions of wisdom, freedom of body and soul.

Paper III

Importance & use of Hatha yoga, obstacles and ways to overcome them in Hatha yoga, definition, meaning and purpose of Shatkarma, description of shatkarma in Gherund Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradapika, asanas, their meaning and purpose, process, classification and advantages of asanas according to Gherund Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradapika, pranayama, concept of life, the idea of mudras and bandhas, their purpose, description of dhyaan, samadhi and yog nidra.

Paper IV

General introduction of human body, digestive and excretory system, blood circulatory system, understanding nervous system and sensory organs, reproductive system.

Paper V

Pawan Muktasana group poses, Surya Namaskar poses, Naukasana, Supta Pawan Muktasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabasana, Dhanruasana, Vajrasana, Vakrasana, Utkatasana, Dandasana, Paschimottanasana, Bakasana, Shavasana, Tadasana, Dwikonasana, Garudasana, Trikonasana, Padhastasana, Katichakrasana, Vatayansana, Hastha Padangusthasana, Singhasana, Padmasana, Swastikasana, Ustasana, Chakrasana, Ardh Matsendrasana and many more, including details Shatkarma, mudras and bandhas.

Paper VI

Teaching practice, lesson planning and oral examination.

Career Option after completion of Diploma & Masters

The courses of Yoga and Meditation open a vast possibility and opportunities for job seeking aspirants. After completion of course, people can work in hospitals, health centers, health clubs or can practice on their own as yoga and meditation experts. They are also free to teach the same in colleges and universities. They can also start their career as research associate/scholar, research analyst, consultant, freelancer or even certified instructor. There are vacancies in yoga, meditation and other related fields, which keep appearing online and offline and one needs to keep oneself updated to get the job of interest. One can also start own work by becoming health advisor/counsellor and can offer people, their expert advice and services. Thus, this course has great potential when it comes to having good career prospects.



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