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Hatha yoga Teacher Training in India

Hatha Yoga is the most ancient and traditional form of yoga. The word Hatha directly translates as Sun/Moon. "Ha" meaning ‘Sun’ and "Tha" meaning ‘moon.’ This original style of yoga brings both sun and moon energies together creating the perfect balance. It brings body purification and an awakening of vital energy, which flows in our body through energy channels, throughout our body, called Nadis. To break down the meaning of the word ‘Hatha’ further - ‘Ha’ is also knows as ‘Pingala’ or ‘Surya Nadi’ (Sun) which is the energy that flows in the right side of body and "Tha" is also known as the ‘Ida Nadi’ or ‘Chandra Nadi’ (Moon) which is the energy which flows in the left side of the body. Hatha yoga according to Maharshi Patanjali is a system to calm the modifications of mind or as Patanjali says "Chitta Vritti Nirodhah" meaning ‘to stop the fluctuations of mind.’

This traditional style of Yoga develops stability in the body which prepares and enables ones to mind to focus on meditating. Hatha Yoga Teacher training at AYM include the Ancient Systems of yoga which focuses on:

hatha yoga teacher training india

Hatha yoga Certification in India

The real essence of Hatha Yoga is to work on our mind, to make it balanced and to remove all kinds of stress as well as making the body fit through physical postures. Hatha yoga helps us to make our body and mind fit and also increases our energy levels.

If you want to learn Hatha Yoga, there are many teacher training programs which focus on Hatha Yoga in India. Our Hatha School in India offers 200-hour hatha yoga instructor certification, 300-hour hatha yoga courses and 500-hour hatha yoga course along with yoga and meditation, and Hatha retreats in India.

Hatha Yoga Ashram India

Our AYM Hatha Yoga Ashram, located in the World Yoga Capital - Rishikesh, is a beautiful place to study, from the ambiance of the school to the kind, hearted yoga institute. We are happy to provide many courses such as:

At AYM Yoga School, we also mix Hatha with other styles of yoga like Ashtanga, Sivananda, and yoga therapy to make it more interesting and you can learn more in short span of time.

7 Health Benefits of Hatha Yoga

  1. 1. Builds immunity.
  2. 2. Relaxes the mind and releases tension in the body.
  3. 3. Tones the spine.
  4. 4. Strengthens and tones the body.
  5. 5. Increases flexibility.
  6. 6. Helps with cravings.
  7. 7. Good Health.

Learn Hatha Yog through hatha yoga teacher training in rishikesh in 200 hour course which also includes Ashtanga Vinyasa.

List of postures in Syllabus of Hatha yog ttc in rishikesh at AYM Yog School.

1. Samasthiti/Tadasana.
2. Ashwasanchalanasana.
3. Plank pose.
4. Adho mukha swanasana/downdog.
5. Ardha chandrasana/standing backbend.
6. cobra pose.
7. Vrksha asana /Tree pose.
8. Trikonasana/ Triangle pose.
9. Virabhadrasana /warrior pose.
10. Parsvakonasana /side angle pose.
11. Utthita parsvottanasna/ intense side stretching pose.
12. Virabhadrasana/ warrior pose-1.
13. Parivartita trikonasana / Revolving triangle pose.
14. Prasarita padottanasana spread leg forward bend.
15. Uthita Hasta padangustasana.
16. Uttanasana or padahastasana.
17. Utkatasana- chairpose.
18. Marichiasana.
19. Janusirasana.
20. Urdhva mukha svanasana.
21. Trinmuhkapaschimmotanasana.
22. Paschimottanasana.
23. Purvottanasana.
24. Mastendrasana.
25. Upavistasana.
26. Navasana.
27. Badhakonasana.
28. Urdhva paschimottanasana.
29. chaturangadndasana .
30. Salbhasana.
31. Dhanurasana.
32. Ustrasana.
33. Setubendhasana.
34. Sputa padangusthasana.
35. Chakrasana – wheelpose.
36. Vipreetakarniasana.
37. Sarvangasana.
38. Halasana.
39. Karnapeedasana.
40. Matsyasana.
41. Sirshasna.
42. Savasana.
43. Padmasana.

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