Pregnancy Yoga Course in India

Pregnancy Yoga Course in India

Posted On : 15 July 2017.

Posted By : Yogi Mahesh Chetan.

Ladies remain both curious, and a little stressed during pregnancy. It’s the effect of hormones that actually causes such mood swing. Yoga can be one fantastic way for these ladies to feel confident both physically and mentally. There is nothing better way than the yoga to ease the stress around cervix by making the pelvic region clear.

It helps the ladies by lessening their labor or delivery pain. The frequently found pregnancy symptoms like cramps in muscles, constipation, etc. can be thoroughly addressed through yoga as well. Hence, a pregnancy yoga course is a must recommendation for those expecting a baby sooner or later.

What is taught through pregnancy yoga courses?

Pregnancy yoga classes make the to-be-mothers most confident. They are made confident through proper mental counselling. These ladies are mostly encouraged through real-time experience shares and scientific tips.

Moreover, they are practised with various yoga poses that are termed extremely effective for the pregnant ladies. To be specific, they are taught about the following yoga poses as given below.


Marjarasana is like must aspect taught through pregnancy yoga teacher training. This pose is effective regarding making the lady feel more flexible. It increases the back strength that is crucial as the back often has to carry the greater load during pregnancy. Regular practice of the pose tones down the abdominal portion. Most importantly, it enhances the state of reproductive organs by enhancing the blood flow to those.


Konasana in standing is another pose taught through parental yoga teacher training. This is the perfect exercise to improve the flexibility of the spinal portion. One of the commonly found issues during pregnancy, the constipation issues can be thoroughly addressed through regular practice of konasana.


Veerabhadrasana is also quite taught through pregnancy yoga course. It is one of the finest poses to improve core strength of the body. Regular practice of it helps in avoiding the threats of falling during pregnancy. Also, the pose tones down the muscles of hands and legs perfectly.


Badhakonasana is like must aspect taught through the yoga classes for pregnant ladies. There are many benefits of practising the pose regularly. First of all, it improves the flexibility of hips and the groins. It’s a perfect pose to avoid fatigue during pregnancy. This is a pose that the pregnant ladies can practice till their very date of delivery. In fact, the pose has been quite helpful regarding facilitating smooth delivery of the babies.


Viparitakarani is a must learn to pose through parental yoga classes. The pose holds an excellent reputation in terms of avoiding the back pain issues. It enhances the blood flow rate to the pelvic region. The common symptoms like swollen ankles will not be found by regularly practicing Viparitakarani.

Apart from the above yoga exercises, the pregnant ladies are recommended to practice the breathing techniques like bhramri and anulom-vilom consistently. However, it is highly advised to practice these at the reputed centers for yoga courses through experienced trainers only.