Important mudras of yoga

Important Mudras of Yoga

Posted On : 02 January 2017.

Posted By : Yogi Mahesh Chetan.

About Mudras

Yoga is a practice of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, which includes a set of poses and meditation. It also includes important mudras or positions done during meditation. Mudras also mean gestures adopted during pranayama and meditation that direct the flow of energy into our body. According to yogic tantras, these mudras are said to stimulate different parts of the brain. Described below are the yoga mudras:

1. Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra

Also known as mudra of knowledge, Gyan Mudra is done during meditation in the early morning, when the mind is fresh and hungry for knowledge. You must touch the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb while in a sitting position. You must keep the other 3 fingers free or straight, resting on your folded knees. This mudra increases brain power, memory, and concentration.

2. Vayu Mudra

Vayu Mudra

Also known as mudra of air, it is done to balance air in your body. This mudra can be done while sitting, standing or lying down. You must fold your index finger and press the second bone with the base of your thumb. The rest of your three fingers should be kept extended. Try doing this mudra on an empty stomach though you can also eat something and do it later. This mudra helps release extra air from the stomach and provides relief from chest pain.

3. Agni Mudra

Agni Mudra

This mudra is also known as the mudra of fire. In this, you must fold your ring finger and press the second finger against the base of your thumb. Keep the other fingers straight. You must practice this mudra on early morning only, and that too on an empty stomach. Do this every day for 15 minutes. Agni mudra helps in dissolving extra fat, thus controlling obesity. It also reduces tension and stress and brings down high cholesterol levels.

4. Prithvi Mudra

Prithvi Mudra

The mudra of earth, Prithvi mudra is preferred to be done in the morning. People can also do this mudra at any time of the day. To do this, you must sit in padmasana, resting the palms of your hands on your knees with straight elbows. Do this mudra when you feel stressed and drained out of energy. Padmasana along with this mudra will immediately re-energize you. This mudra helps improve blood circulation in your body. It also improves your tolerance ability and strengthens weak bones. It is immensely helpful in gaining weight for people suffering from the low weight.

5. Varun Mudra

Varun Mudra

Varun mudra or mudra of water is the best mudra to increase your external beauty. In simple words, it is best suited to improve your looks, especially your skin. It brings a glow to your skin and protects it from all kinds of skin problems. To do this mudra, touch the tip of your thumb with the tip of your little finger. Keep the rest of the fingers straight while you sit cross-legged, with your back in straight position. This mudra balances water in your body and keeps the body moisturized through fluid circulation. It also adds a glow to your face and relieves you of any muscle pains.

6. Shunya Mudra

Shunya Mudra

This is the mudra of emptiness which is done by pressing the upper phalanx of your middle finger with your thumb. It works on the basic element of ether (cosmic element) that is present in space and within each one of us. This mudra helps you feel the emptiness within you, free from thinking about anything else, and just experiencing the never-ending space. Regular practice of this Mudra for maximum 5 minutes can cure an earache or any hearing problem. Once your hearing problem is solved, stop practicing this mudra.

7. Surya Mudra

Surya Mudra

Also known as mudra of the sun, it balances the element of fire in your body. To do this, sit in padmasana pose with your back straight and the thumbs of your hands pressing your ring fingers on its upper phalanx. This mudra is quite beneficial for reducing bad cholesterol. It also gives amazing results for those who want to lose weight. Surya mudra also reduces anxiety and also helps improve digestion.

8. Prana Mudra

Prana Mudra

The Prana mudra means the energy or spirit of life. Prana is of utmost importance among all energies necessary for maintaining the balance of nature. This mudra should be practiced in a quiet room to awaken the senses. You can either sit down in a meditative position or stand straight to perform this. Just keep your eyes closed while you focus on your breath. Bring your hands to the sides and touch the tips of your thumb with the tips of your little finger and ring finger. Feel the force of life as it runs through your body. This mudra should be practiced from 15 to 30 minutes. This mudra energizes your whole body and helps improve your immunity system. It is also considered good for eyes as it keeps them lively and active.