yoga posture to keep you refreshed on travels

5 Yoga Postures to Keep you refreshed on Travels

Posted On : 28 ā€ˇFebruary 2017.

Posted By : Yogi Mahesh Chetan.

Yoga Poses When you Travel

Thanks to modern technology we can now travel from one corner of the world to the other. Many businessmen and executives travel as a part of their work agreement. Traveling can take a toll on the body and mind. Often when you travel for long periods, your posture is affected. People start experiencing back pain, neck pain and restlessness. The beauty of yoga is that it's a practice that one can take with them anywhere. It's almost like knowledge. Once you learn something, it lasts with you forever.

When you travel for long periods, often times you are stuck in one posture. Usually one has to sit down for hours. Here are some awesome yoga poses to help you keep your body healthy during travels:

1. Tree pose

Tree Poss

Long commutes can bring stiffness on your back. This pose stretches the back and strengthens the backside of the body, hips, and ankles. The tree pose also improves your balance so after a long journey it's a great way to regain balance in the body as well.

2. Headstand

Head Stand

This is a bit of an advanced pose. But, if you know how to do a headstand, you already know the relieving benefits it brings to the body. Inversions such as the headstands reverse the blood flow in the body. It gives a rush of fresh oxygen to the face and brain. So, it's an excellent way to refresh after a long ride!

3. Forward bend

Forword bend poss

Although it may seem very basic, the benefits of a good forward bend is amazing. After sitting down for a long time, your back might start to hurt. A forward bend relieves stress from the spine by stretching out the lower back and the hamstrings. The added caveat of a headstand is blood flow to the brain.

4. Half-moon pose

Half moon poss

This is best for sleepy legs. The pose stimulates your leg muscles, tones your core and improves your balance. It's a very active pose, so it will also give you a quick boost of energy if you feel low. Remember to engage your gluteus when you perform this pose. That will give you some relief on your sitting bone as well.

5. Warrior 2

Warrior Poss 2

This is yet another great pose for stretching your legs. It opens up the inner thighs, strengthens the quads, calves and the ankles. This is also an energizing pose if you focus and stretch your body when you do it. It's a full body stretch as well since it stretched the shoulders and arms. So, it's a great relieving pose after a long plane or bus ride where you had to sit in the same position for an extended period.