Yoga Poses to oprn Your heart and mind

Five Yoga Poses to Open Your Heart and Mind

Posted On : 01 April 2017.

Posted By : Yogi Mahesh Chetan.

Yoga is more than just another exercise routine. The mind-body connection created from yoga is thought to create changes at a cellular level. When positive intentions are combined to our movements the effects are felt not just on the physical body but also in the mind. Most of the unhappiness that we experience comes from our judgments we make about our life or situations as good or bad. Yoga and meditation can gently remove negative sentiments that we hold on to and bring awareness into our lives.

As more and more people start realizing the benefits of yoga, science continue to provide explanations as to how and why yoga is healing for the body and mind. Yoga poses are designed to open up and bring improvements on various parts of the external and internal body. Heart opening poses are really good for elevating your mood and breathing instantly.

Heart openers are also very good for those who spend most of the day slouching at a desk. Most of these exercises only take a few minutes but can provide lasting improvements in posture, low back and neck.

Here are 5 poses that can open your heart and bring relaxation to your mind and body:

Cat cow pose

Cow Pose

This pose is down on your hands and knees. Here, one should gently round their back and tuck the chin to the chest like a cat. Next, look up and arch your back and open your chest. The pose is a great way to strengthen the spine and open the heart. This pose created calming and constant fluctuations in the mind and body which in turn increases the positive energy in the body.

Updog pose

Updog Pose

This is usually practiced as a transition pose during vinyasas. Here, the practitioner lies on their stomach and places the palms of the hands next to the shoulders and looks up. As you do this, slowly and gently start to straighten your arms and open up your chest.

Bridge or wheel

wheel pose

If you are new to yoga, it is advisable to start with bridge pose first. It is a much more gentle backbend compared to the wheel pose. To begin, lie on the back with knees bend and your back flat on the ground. Then, rest your arms to the side and gently raise your body, tucking your chin into your chest. Backbends in general, are thought to release endorphins in the body. Endorphins are effective in opening up the body and relieving stress while providing positive energy in the body.

Camel pose

Camel pose

This is yet another demanding backbend. So, please use proper instruction and caution as you practice this pose. This pose is done on your knees. Once you are on your knees, gently lean back and place your hands on your low back or ankles depending on your level of flexibility.

Bow pose

Bow pose

Yet another back bending heart opener, this is done lying down face first on your mat. Once you are lying on your stomach, bend your knees and lift your chest. Reach your arms back and try to grab your toes and hold your feet.

When you approach these yoga poses, remember to stay calm and focus on your breathing. The most important thing when performing the postures is to be calm and ease into the poses rather than force your body to get into them. Yoga is not a forceful practice. It is a gently synchronized practice that forces the practitioner to establish a mind-body connection via mindful breathing.

Heart opening poses can improve oxygen into the chest region and bring relaxation to the body and mind. They can also improve posture for those who tend to slouch a lot. We tend to slouch a lot because of our electronic addictions. The bad effects of it are collapsing the chest. These exercises are designed to expand those muscles, bringing balance and stretching in those areas. As it is with any exercise, it is better to seek instructions from a knowledgeable teacher if you are a beginner. Back bending poses are great for the body but if performed incorrectly can bring serious injury to the low back and spine. So remember to listen to your body and be gentle as you practice these poses.