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Meditation: A simple explanation

Posted On : 25 January 2017.

Posted By : Yogi Mahesh Chetan.


Webster’s dictionary defines meditation as a contemplation or reflection. In other words, it’s the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time. It can also be described as a mental exercise with the goal of reaching a higher level of spiritual awareness.

To get a comprehensive understanding of it, in real life, one must try it, at least once. Practices like “Pranayama “, in yoga precede meditation to prepare your mind and body for what’s ahead: A journey into … ________.

Perhaps its one of those things that shouldn’t be described in objective terms to the point that someone concludes what it is after one glance at it.

It’s true, that one can grasp the idea of swimming after reading about it and watching it. But, how can one grasp something subjective? Like how an individual feel when they meditate?

In many ways, in its original form, yoga was created to prepare a practitioner’s body and mind for meditation. Next time you are in Savashana, come to a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Imagine the breath coming in and out of your nose. Let all other thoughts disappear one by one.

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Two Ways to Begin Meditation

  • Concentration: This approach is suitable for beginners; in this method, one intentionally focuses the attention on only one object, such as breath, mantra, a chakra center, or an internally visualized image.
  • Mindfulness: This is the advanced approach of meditation; one does not focus the mind on one object, but rather observes the passing thoughts, emotions, sensations without reaction to them.