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What is Yoga ?

Posted On : 10 August 2016.

Posted By : Yogi Mahesh Chetan.



Yoga is a blend of physical, mental and spiritual practices done for well-being of a person. It is an ancient skill based on consistent development of body, mind and spirit. Continued practice of yoga provides sense of peace and well-being, and also the feeling of being connected with the surrounding environment. Daily practice of yoga makes one's body strong and flexible, and boosts immunity. It also improves the functioning of circulatory, respiratory, digestive, blood flow and hormonal structures. Yoga also brings emotional stability and clarity of mind within a person.

There are different types of yoga such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Power yoga, Tantra and Kundalini yoga. Each style has its own value and every style benefits in one way or the other.

Benefits of Yoga

  1. Improves Flexibility
  2. Increases Blood Flow
  3. Perfects Posture
  4. Improves Bone Health
  5. Builds Muscular Strength
  6. Drains Lymphs And Boosts Immunity
  7. Helps One To Focus
  8. Improves Balance

Improves Flexibility

Regular practice of yoga improves flexibility as it loosens up your body and removes tightness from it. The aches and pains will start disappearing as one continues to practice yoga on daily basis.

Increases Blood Flow

Yoga makes blood flow throughout your body. The relaxation exercises of yoga help in blood-circulation. Yoga is also able to provide more oxygen to your cells which results in their better functioning. Yoga also boosts hemoglobin levels and red blood cells, which are important carriers of oxygen to tissues.

Perfects Posture

When your head is balanced directly over your erect spine, it minimizes the amount of work for your neck and back muscles to support it.

Improves Bone Health

Yoga exercises that bear weight improves strength of bones and helps keep osteoporosis at bay. Yoga has many postures which require you to lift your own weight. Asanas like Downward- and Upward-Facing Dog, help strengthen the arm bones, considered quiet vulnerable to osteoporotic fractures.

Builds Muscular Strength

Yoga helps build muscular strength. When you build strength through yoga, you do so while balancing it with flexibility. It also protects from bone-related ailments such as arthritis and back pain.

Drains Lymphs And Boosts Immunity

While doing yoga, when you contract and stretch your muscles, move your organs around, and come in and out of yoga postures, you increase the drainage of lymph (a viscous fluid rich in immune cells), which in turn helps boost your immunity. This helps the system of lymphs to fight infection, destroy diseased cells, and dispose the harmful waste products that come out of cellular functioning.

Helps One To Focus

An important element of yoga is- to focus. It has been found that regular practice of yoga helps improve coordination, reduces reaction time, and improves memory. People, who do yoga with great focus, do not get distracted easily by people or by other things.

Improves Balance

Regular practice of yoga increases proprioception (the ability of your body, of what it is doing and where is it present in space) and improves body’s balance. Better balance means fewer falls and fewer injuries.

Yoga in Rishikesh, India

Yoga has been practiced in Rishikesh, India for thousands of years by various saints and sages. With Himalayan Mountains on 3 sides and river Ganga on the fourth, makes Rishikesh just the right and best position to learn and practice yoga and meditation in india. Every year, thousands of people such as yoga students, yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts and yoga travellers come to Rishikesh to learn, teach and share the various styles of yoga and meditation. There are various yoga schools and ashrams that provide 200 hour hatha yoga teacher training in india, 300 hour yoga teacher training program, and 500 hour intensive yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. People can choose their choice of course and can learn various styles of yoga according to their choice.