Kundalini Yoga

Mystery Of Kundalini Yoga

Posted On : 21 December 2016.

Posted By : Yogi Mahesh Chetan.

Unraveling Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini means kundalini made up of 'kundal' which means a coil or a ring which Indian women wear in their ears. Sometimes this undalini is also named as serpent energy or bhujangini as this energy is revolving like a snake in mooldhara chakra.

Kundalini energy is unmanisfested prana, which is not flowing in its channel but is revolving in a coiled way in mooladhara chakra. When it gets awakened, it finds its way through sushumna and finds its way to the sahashra chakra. So kundalini energy is the prana energy but it is unmanifested prana. After awakening this energy, one can go into the spiritual or third dimension.

Yoga gets its name from awakening the Kundalini energy, which can be done through regular practice of pranayama, mantra chanting, meditation and yoga poses. It is also sometimes called as “The Yoga of Awareness”. Through its practice, a person can harness his/her spiritual energies.

Types of Kundalini

There are basically two types of Kundalini namely Traditional and Yogic. Lets discuss them one by one.

1. Traditional Kundalini Yoga

Traditional Kundalini Yoga is explained in Hatha Yoga pradapika, which includes asana, breathing or pranayama, mudra, bandha and meditation for each chakra in a systematic manner. This traditional kundalini yoga is also used with prayer and chanting of mantras.

2. Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga (Modern Kundalini Yoga)

Yogi Bhajan was from Sikhism and he blended kundalini yoga and sikhism together. For this purpose he used keertan from Sikhism and yoga techniques from kundalini yoga. The techniques of kundalini yoga are called Kriya, which is a combination of intense breathing, body movements and awareness or meditation.

Understanding Kundalini in terms of Tantra

This style of yoga helps raise the practitioner’s consciousness and activate his inner energy which flows in form of ‘Prana’. Prana is present in every being, only it is different from person to person. This is because Prana is non-molecular and non-visible. It is the life force which is all around us in any living thing, including animals and plants. Mind plays an important role in practicing Kundalini yoga as conscious mind helps the practitioner to go into deep meditation. The Prana or energy flows through nadis and travels through the seven chakras, present in each one of us. It opens them and utilizes energy from every chakra and turns a person into a super natural being.

Hatha & Kundalini go hand in hand

Hatha yoga is also practiced with Kundalini yoga as it helps maintain equal balance in left (Ida) and right (Pingla) parts of the body. Once the practitioner starts getting into deep meditation, it helps in his spiritual awakening and allowing him or her to enter into third dimension, which is beyond physical form of life. Its practitioner becomes a yogic master when prana present in him/her crosses all chakras as well as opens them, and finally reaches the crown of the head; thus, uniting with universal eternal energy or divine power. The tools of Kundalini yoga include Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Kriya, Meditation, and Keertans and Mantras. Two main books that teach about Kundalini yoga are 'Hatha Yoga Pradapika' and 'Vijayan Bhairava Tantra'.

Mystery of Kundalini Yoga Lecture at AYM Yoga School

Kundalini Yoga Practices Class at AYM Yoga School

Kundalini Yoga Helps to break Bad Habits

There are many bad habits which we find in our personality but are unable to remove them by our will. Through yoga we can increase our will power and our strength, which inturn helps us to break the bad habits that we have. Kundalini yoga which has been gaining popularity is good to increase will power to help you to give up your bad habits. The techniques in Kundalini yoga which increases will power, is known as kriya or kundalini yoga kriya. The word 'Kriya' means cleaning or detoxification. This should not be confused with yoga kriyas, in which we clean our body through water, air or other techniques.

Kundalini yoga kriya involves simple body movement of breathing, along with chanting of mantra single or multiple times. Through this kind of kriya, all kinds of impurities from our energy channels can be cleaned up. To learn about this Kundalini yoga, visit our videos on our site and don't forget to press the 'like' button if you liked it.