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How to Select a Yoga Teacher Training Program in India

Posted On : 12 June 2016.

Posted By : Yogi Mahesh Chetan.

For every beginner who is initiated into YOGA, this question arises in his mind how- to find proper yoga instructor course in India, where shall I learn properly the very ethics of Yoga? The proverb “that when disciple is ready guru appears” is as true today as it was thousands years ago. The beginner should have an ardent desire to learn Yoga and he shall find competent guru (teacher), who shall teach him the basics as well as every detail of yoga. Yoga has been handed to the present generation by word of mouth by the ancient Rishis (saints), and it has been preserved in its purest form; and learned and authentic teachers are teaching it in Rishikesh.

There are presently thousands of yoga teacher training ashrams & schools and many variants of Yoga. Any beginner is confused as to how to select a suitable Yoga training program in India, which could fulfill his/her individual needs and is beneficial to him/her spiritually as well as physically. Before you start your yoga journey, you should think about the resources like time, money and dedication. Some begin with yoga retreats or yoga vacation in India for shorter duration like one week to two weeks; and later on taking complete yoga training in India.

Keep following points in your mind while selecting best yoga teacher training in rishikesh at yoga school or yoga ashram in india.

1. Is Yoga Center in India an RYS or not?

RYS means Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance and entitles a yoga school internationally recognized. Currently there are different yoga alliance organizations in different countries. Verify in advance to know whether your choice of prospective school and course offered by it, is listed with any yoga alliance website or not. Most accepted is Yoga Alliance USA.

2. Know experience of teaching staff of prospective yoga Institute in India?

It will make a huge difference in your learning after you know who will be teaching you after you join a yoga training course in India. Yoga is emerging as a profitable business for few yoga teachers and schools and they do not mind to teach without experience. You will not be able to grab proper skills if teacher is not experienced for less than 5-7 years. To become a skillful yoga teacher, it is better to learn from a teacher who shares yoga knowledge, based on his/her years of teaching experience, experience of practice and who must have taught thousands of students.

3. What previous Yoga ttc program graduates say?

Recent graduates of yoga ttc in India, of prospective schools can be the best source of information for quality of services and teaching. Quality of services includes yoga studio, accommodation facilities and meals. You can search on Google for reviews for prospective yoga trainer schools in India.

4. What is the style of yoga is included?

In order to be a versatile instructor, you need to learn foundation of yoga like basic alignment of postures; and after that you should know how to make impressive sequence of yoga postures for various yoga styles like ashtanga vinyasa or sivananda yoga or flow yoga or Kundalini yoga. Do not indulge in first level of yoga teacher training for multi-style yoga but instead go for multi – style yoga in the second level of yoga teacher training. You may be confused after seeing so many varieties of training at internet like ashtanga teacher training India, hatha instructor training India, kundalini yoga teacher training India, vinyasa yoga instructor course India and so on. It is better to choose a training that has asana adjustment, alignments, and slow and dynamic way of doing asanas. It also includes yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy and teaching methodology.

5. Number of student in yoga training in India?

Yoga class in India varies with institution to institution, depending upon resources and teachers available. In India, class size varies from 20 to 100 + students per class. For better understanding and for proper attention of training 20 to 30 students per class, is a good size but over 50 in a class will lower the quality of training.

6.Learning environment or facility at training place?

To learn yoga in India, you need to stay peaceful and comfortable so that you can focus on study of Indian yoga. If it is too cold or too warm, it will distrub you in your studies. Also, you should check whether accommodation is proper or not. Location of yoga ashrams in a noisy place or in peaceful area will make another point to check for, in advance before you join a course.

7. Affordable yoga teacher training in India?

Budget matters when you choose a yoga training program in India for learning yoga. Price range for one month long residential yoga teacher training in India may vary from 1000 $ US to 5000 $ US including meals and accommodation. If you choose below 1500 $ US check whether the facilities at India's various yoga training ashrams are ok or not.

8. Which is the Best location for yoga teaching course in India?

There are a few best places for yoga certification in India named Goa, Kerala and Dharamsala, but no doubt- Rishikesh is the best place to study yoga teaching course in India.
Yoga is originated in India and is considered as the best place to learn yoga in the world, but you may need to know above mentioned information before you make a decision to fulfill your dream of becoming a yoga instructor in India.