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Indian Yoga Alliance

Indian Yoga Alliance's Aims and objectives

Association for Yoga and Meditation rishikesh India a registered yoga & meditation school ashram by government of india

The Governing Body of Association for Yoga and Meditation, India has passed a resolution to make a platform for standardization of yoga named Indian Yoga Alliance.

The mission of Indian Yoga Alliance is to setup standards for yoga teachers training so that yoga teachers will be well qualified which will spread true knowledge of yoga. We maintain a national and international Yoga Teachers' Registry to recognize and promote teachers that meets our standards set by the organization.

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Indian Yoga Alliance also maintains a Registry of Yoga Schools to recognize yoga teacher training programs of 200hrs, 300hrs or 500 hours. Registered schools have to follow the Yoga syllabus set by organization and will receive certificates. We recognize individual teachers, schools, ashrams and State yoga federations that train teachers and organize yoga championships. We register both individual yoga teachers and yoga teacher training programs (schools) who have complied with minimum educational standards established by the organization.

Association for Yoga and Meditation Rishikesh India

We also setup yoga association at state level in India and affiliate them to national body. The state associations have to organize state level yoga championship and will choose six candidates to participate at National yoga championship organized by national body the Association for Yoga and Meditation India. Winners will be awarded with merit certificates. The main aim of yoga championship is to develop a yoga culture and yoga lifestyle in the youth.

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Graduested Yoga teachers at AYM and Registed with Indian yoga alliance :

  Name Country   Name Country
1. ARSH IRAN     26. Patrik Gerber Swiss
2. YUKO.K. JAPAN     27 Amber Emmons American
3. VERONIQUE CANADIAN 28 Cecilia Gandolfi Italian
4. LAURA C. ITALY 29 Emilie Kang Canadian
5. RICARDO  C.  PORTUGAL 30 Faran Livneh Luxembourg
6. SATOKO MURAI JAPAN 31 Geoffrey Bisiaux French
7. AKIRA ONOE JAPAN 32 Hyla Zeifman Canadian
8. BIPIN P. INDIA 33 Le Bourhis, E. française
9. PANU, H. FINLAND 34 Niamh Mc, F. Ireland
10. JULIANA M.   SWISS 35 Pia Kirstine  Danish
11. GIANNI G. SWISS 36 Rachel Bonkink Dutch
12. DAVID W. U.K.   37 Roberto, S. Italian
13. Tina Germany 38 Rouget V. FRENCH
14. Marlen V Germany 39    
15. Anne D. Irish 40    
16. Alessa, B. Honduras  41    
17. Mariya, O. Portugal 42    
18. Pedro, F. Portugal 43    
19. Jovan, N. Austrailia 44    
20. Diana V Chilena 45    
21. Anna Italy 46    
22. Heidi Austrailia 47    
23. Meagan Canadian 48    
24. Ryan Brown Canadian 49

25. Brendon Moffat  Canadian 50