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  1. North East Region now has its own AYUSH Institute
    In a first, a new AYUSH Institute was opened today in the north-east region. The North-Eastern Institute of Ayurveda and Homeopathy was set up today in Shillong district of Meghalaya.

  2. Published On - 2016-12-22      Source - Times of India

  3. Govt. Hospital now has a better equipped yoga clinic
    The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital’s (MGMGH) Yoga Clinic just got better equipped when it got four new units of equipment that include 2 equipment of hip bath and spinal bath with spray, 1 multi-purpose treadmill, and a static cycle. The equipment was purchased at a cost of 2.5 lakh by the Directorate of Indian Medicine in Chennai.

  4. Published On - 2016-12-24      Source - Times of India

  5. Yoga can help solve mental problems: Doctor
    Doctor Sandhya Durge, psychiatrist at Nagpur Mental Hospital stated that ‘yoga can help solve mental problems that come with aging’. She told media that 20 percent of the people aged over 55 years one or the other kind of mental problem. While interacting with 40 elder people, she told that 20 minutes of yoga session daily can help elder people remain fit physically and mentally.

  6. Published On - 2016-12-25      Source - Times of India

  7. Yoga no longer a sport: Sports Ministry
    India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi first proposed to observe 21 June as Yoga Day on 27 September 2015 at UN General Assembly, after which Sports Ministry acted swiftly and declared yoga as a sport.
    But Sports Ministry has now declared that yoga won’t be considered as a sport anymore as it is impossible, as yoga has so many styles and multiple poses in each of them. This makes it difficult to hold any national level champi

  8. Published On - 2016-12-26      Source - Times of India

Yoga Events

    First Class of 200 hr. yoga course to begin in Jan 2017
  1. The first classes of 200-hour yoga course will begin at AYM Yoga School in 2017 from January onwards. The 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training Course will include theory and practical classes on Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga along with classes on meditation.

    Upcoming Date : 15 Jan 2017 || 200-Hour Yoga Course

  2. Published On - 2016-12-27      By - Aym Yoga School

    300 Hour Yoga TTC to begin at AYM in Jan 2017
  3. The first class of 300 hr. Yoga TTC will begin in January 2017 at AYM Yoga School, Rishikesh in January. The course will include training in various styles of yoga along with classes on anatomy, meditation and physiology.

    Upcoming Date : 14 Jan 2017 || 300-Hour Yoga Course

  4. Published On - 2016-12-27      By - Aym Yoga School

    500 Hr. Intensive Yoga Training at AYM from Jan 2017
  5. AYM Rishikesh will hold its first class of 500 Hr. Intensive Yoga Training from January 2017 onwards. The 500 hour course will include training in multi styles of yoga. It will also include classes on anatomy, physiology, meditation, yogic psychology and basic knowledge of ayurveda.

    Upcoming Date : 15 Jan 2017 || 500-Hour Yoga Course

  6. Published On - 2016-12-27      By - Aym Yoga School

Yoga Articles

Yoga Resources

As more and more people realize the importance of yoga, they start looking for resources from where they can learn it. There are hundreds of sites, web pages, and forums to look at and onlookers get confused as to where to look for to get the required information. We are providing some such yoga resources or sites:

1. My Yoga on Gaiam TV

This site tops the list because it offers a variety of yoga teachers and quality of yoga styles that are offered all across the world. This site offers all poses with modifications as well as on negative/inadvisable positions. It posts new videos every week.

2. TEDtalks

This site differs itself from others as it carries yoga exclusively for the brain. It provides lots of news, new ideas and inspires people as well as yoga practitioners to think out of the box. The more you think, the more you try, the more you do.


This site is ranked third because of the huge amount of information in it about a particular style called Yin yoga. No matter if you have never heard of it or done it, this site provides complete details about yin yoga, the list of asanas included in it, and the philosophy behind it.

4. Yoga journal

This is the only site that provides step by step details about every pose or asana. It also informs about preparatory poses that will make your yoga practice easier. It also has a lot of articles on different styles of yoga.


This site belongs to a girl with the same name who offers safe and effective ways to do yoga poses via audio-videos. She also provides lectures on anatomy and uses a funny way of describing them.


This is one site that provides latest news and updates about the yoga world, ranging from good news, organizing of a workshop in some distant country or discussion on some hot topic of yoga.


This site carries lots of new videos by important teachers from Netherlands, list of asanas with details. It is a great way to promote your yoga practice and learn from different yoga masters at the same time.


This site has a lot of relevant articles which would suit most of the readers. It comes equipped with tutorial videos, a teacher's section to choose from amongst teachers and online courses.


This site belongs to the woman with the same name, who is a master of Kundalini yoga. Her energy translates clearly to the quotes that she posts, along with a music playlist of yogic songs. It also offers free and pay as you see videos on yoga.

10. Semperviva Events page

This site provides information about latest yoga workshops with full details as to where and when they will take place. It also gives information about different international teachers.

11. AYM Yoga School

This site provides detailed information about every aspect of yoga, its variations, and styles, yogic food and lifestyle. It also provides detailed information about various yoga training courses and their availability in Rishikesh.

Published On - 2016-12-27      By - Yogi Chetan Mahesh



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