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"You have greatly contributed to the progress of Japan Fitness Yoga Association, as the researcher trying as earnestly to develop new programs based on traditional yoga practical way and philosophy by utilizing your outstanding ability and knowledge"

Hikaru Hashimoto

Japan FitnessYoga Association 
December 22, 2007. 

"Yogacharya Mahesh chand has successfully completed International Professional Yoga Teacher Trainer course at The Zen Place Beijing China. We wish him Bright future"

Jung Lin
Principal of

The Zen Place Beijing, China
December 22, 2007. 

"We thanks yogi Mahesh Goyal, Director Yoga Department for his great contribution for development of yoga teacher's training program at Yoga Corea Ltd"

- An, jee-yong,

Yoga Corea Ltd.
South Korea.


Find out more about Students Testimonials for Yoga Teacher training certification conducted by Association for Yoga and Meditation Rishkesh India, What students say about  indian yoga association's RYS 200 - 300 - 500-hours residential multi style yoga teacher training certification Courses Feedback

"I am Bryan from California, USA. I am currently taking the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training at AYM Yoga School, and an overall I am very happy with the course. The Pranayama and Meditation class in the morning is refreshing, relaxing and a great start of the day. The Ashtanga Vinyasa can be difficult at times, but if you listen to your body and donít overstretch, with daily practice you will soon find yourself becoming substantially, stronger and more flexible. The lectures are informative and tie everything together, giving a deeper meaning in the practice. AYM teachers yoga from a traditional, hostile, perspective, so please be aware that you will be learning the whole package, not just asana. Asana is one of many sleeping stress to self-relaxation. The Hatha class is perfect for developing awareness of the correct and aligns others. The food is good, but you are always welcome to eat out at of any restaurants. The facilities are likewise good, and the location is beautiful and great for fostering a Meditation state of mind. There is a degree of freedom in the course, so you will get out of it what you put into it. If you just want to deeper in your practice, that is fine, and if you want to develop a firm teaching formation, the course leave nothing leaking."

"Didier Van Riet Ė France Ė 37 years Iím doing my 500 hrs teacher training in AYM and youíre going to find below my overview after 2 months. I came first for the 200hrs in 15th January. The facilities at the ashram are clean, nice and confortable. The Yoga hall is very large and full of light. Itís a very good place to practice yoga. All course are very interesting, we started with Pranayama/Meditation just to start slowly, then Asthanga yoga to help you to wake you up. The lecture helps you to understand what you learn during the yoga practice and all the Yoga philosophie. Mahesh is an incredible teacher, he knows how to teach you Yoga Asana and the phylosophie, you donít see the time going when you are in his course. Thatís why I decided to stay 1month more to follow the 300hrs. This new month just give me the opportunity to go further in my Yoga practice, follow Yoga Therapy class and Ayurvedic introduction. During January the weather was a little cold at the beginning and then cloudy and sunnyÖ some day cold and some day hotÖ So, donít forget to take some warm cloths. The school wasnít completly finished when I arrivedÖ time to time the noise was too much but now the school is almost finished and the noise decrease a lot and you can enjoy the view of the mountain and the Jungle. I recommend very strongly to come in AYM ashram, the teaching is very good and the location is just amazing. Iím probably come back as I can.
Thank you Mahesh."

"Iím Eana from Singapore and I started the 200 hours Yoga Teacherís Course in February. I must say I was taken by surprise by the weather here, a case of not checking the weather before coming to Rishikesh. The cold was not something I expected here. The ride from the Delhi International Airport was way too long for me too. I wanted to leave the next day. But I met some nice people on the first day. In addition, Mahesh, who is our head teacher, proved to be a very nice and accommodating person. I decided to stay on and I am glad I did. The people attending the course are a great bunch and everything here has a nice and homely feel to it. Mahesh is a great teacher, very patient and detailed in his Asanas teaching. He taught us many ways of correcting and improving ourselves. His lectures are interesting, and often peppered with personal anecdotes. I realized I didnít know the true meaning of yoga until I have attended the course here. This trip here has a profound impact on me. I am really going to need to examine my lifestyle and make the necessary changes. The accommodation is better than I expected. I have a good sized, single room with large windows and a balcony to sit out to take in the spectacular view. I have loved my stay here so much that I decided to sign up for the 300 hours course as well. So, IíLL BE BACK!!"

"Namaste ÖI am Siddharth Kothiyal I did yoga teachers training at Association of yoga and meditation Rishikesh Uttrakhand I had an amazing experience of yoga and spirituality at the school it helped me understanding the subject of yoga more deeply in terms of philosophy as well as science and way of living our teachers yogi Chetan Mahesh who shared his divine knowledge of yoga on asana meditation and as well as philosophy is a precious treasure for my life time yoga practice I am very thankful to our yoga ashtanga teacher Mr Sachin and miss Rajkumari who taught us various aspects of meditation vedic chanting and devotion and prepared us for asana and teaching us techniques of cleaning body which helped me to reach deeper levels of meditation and yogic practice .The beautiful location of ashram and hygienic food helped us to maintain good health special personal attention towards the students of the staff is very appreciable I am very thankful to my teachers and the entire staff of association of yoga and meditation Ö.THANKING YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS IN GIVING US THIS DIVINE KNOWLEDGE HARI OM."

"We thanks yogi Mahesh Goyal, Director Yoga Department for his great contribution for development of yoga teacher's training program at Yoga Corea Ltd"

- An, jee-yong,
Yoga Corea Ltd.
South Korea
"Wow! I wanted to follow an intensive yoga class in rishikesh and I found Association for yoga and meditation yoga school. Mahesh is so much a good teacher that I chose to do one month yoga teacher training, I learn so much! Mahesh teaches from his heart and I thanks him for everything"

Veronique Daudelin,
" I miss Rishikesh! Especially the yoga intensity, I now have to keep up with my practice and motivation by myself without anyone to encourage or scold me... I'm getting there, trying to continue to study and practice with consistency and determination :) I've taught some classes and realized how much I learned in India, in your course, thank you for giving me the opportunity to join"

Alessa from Honduras.